With patients

Here you can find information which they don’t have time to tell you at the dentist’s office and we can also help you with your choice of dentures.

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With dentists

We offer cooperation and introduce new materials and ways to take care of your patients teeth. 

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With colleagues

Find out how to run a profitable dental lab with our solutions and how to save on material. 

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The OO toothbrush

           Take a look at how the OO toothbrush works.

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Why we lose our teeth

First you need to know how periodontitis starts.

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Price of dentures

Find out what the price of dentures consists of.

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Full ceramic

Take a look at what we can do in full ceramic.

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Telescopic crowns and bridges

A popular type of dentures in Germany.

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PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal)

Take a look at what we can make in PFM.

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People are the most important for creating a good team. Without them we would have not reached these numbers:


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